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BUS CAMÍ DE CAVALLS in 6 stages:



Min. 17km- Max. 24 km

Departure at 09:00am from Ciutadella (Vía Perimetral, Avinguda de Josep Mascaró Pasarius) to CALA PILAR

Meeting point for return bus:

  • 1st Stop CALA MORELL, pick-up at 05:00pm in the parking area of Cala Morell, located near the Sa Cala Apartments (the first roundabout at the entrance to the urbanization).
  • 2nd Stop PUNTA NATI, pick-up at 05:20pm in the parking area of Punta Nati Lighthouse.


  • The beaches of: Cala Pilar, Es Macar d’Alfurí, La Vall and Algaiarens, Cala Morell.
  • Of historical interest: bunkers of Algaiarens, Necropolis and Caves of Cala Morell.
  • Discover the popular la (Camomile of Menorca).
  • Lighthouse of Punta Nati, exterior área.

The hike route begins in Cala Pilar The bus will drop you off in the parking area 2 km from the beach of Cala Pilar. To visit it, turn east and follow the path that goes down hill to the beach. Then you have to return uphill and follow the path to the west towards Algaiarens. You find an área surrounded by hills of intense reddish colour due to the large amount of clay composition of the territory. It is worth mentioning Es Macar d’Afurí, a small beach with pebble stones.

This route is characterized by the diversity of habitats, which you find as we move along the path , with large expanses of forests and shrub species.The route goes inland through cultivation , mostly barley and wheat, until you reach the beach of Algaiarens.

Continue west where you will pass through the area of Tramontana, the beach of Fontanilles, Punta de Curniola until you reach the urbanization of Cala Morell where on its cliffs you can see an important necropolis of the Talayotic era formed by fourteen caves artificially excavated in the rock.

The route ends in Cala Morell. The minibus will be ready in the afternoon for the return journey to Ciutadella.

The walkers who want to follow the route have the possibility of reaching the Punta Nati Lighthouse (adding 7 km to the path). This section of the Camí de Cavalls runs entirely through what is known as “dry Menorca”,an arid landscape where the predominant  north wind has created a desolate landscape.

Are found here endemic species such as rosemary, heather and the popular Camamil•la, camomile of Menorca.

In the field you find several constructions in stone of circular and pyramidal form used for the shelter of cattle. In Punta Nati you find the lighthouse built in 1913 after the shipwreck of the French transatlantic mail ship, Général Chanzy.

A second pickup point will be from the parking area of Punta Nati to Ciutadella.