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April 2019

Great Walks, adventure and boats

An island
Waiting to be discovered
Menorca the ideal destination for families, combining cultural sites with beaches and coves that have little to envy the Caribbean. UNESCO declared the island a Biosphere Reserve in 1993, due to its environmental diversity and its natural values.

Menorca is a very quiet island with less than 90,000 inhabitants in its entirety. The largest urban nuclei are Mahón and Ciudadela with almost 30,000 inhabitants each. Menorca has a humid and temperate climate, generally there are no extreme temperatures.

The prices in Menorca are similar to those that can be found in the peninsula. Probably, where you see a greater price difference is in supermarkets, where making the purchase will cost a small additional percentage.

The archaeological remains have shown that the island of Menorca was populated at the beginning of the Bronze Age, probably by inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula and Sardinia. On the island, a culture similar to that of its older sister, the island of Mallorca, was developed, influenced by the culture of the Argar and diverse Mediterranean currents. It is an island waiting to be discovered